A Guide on The Differences Between Indica And Sativa.

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Whether out of curiosity or need, it is important to know the differences between indica and sativa. These two varieties of weed are very different but you will not notice the differences unless you are looking out for them. They have different effects so it is important you know what to get when you need a certain effect. If you are looking for muscle and mental relaxation, you should know that indica is what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are looking to reduce anxiety and chronic pain, sativa is your go-to. The following are the very obvious differences that will help you tell one from the other.
First of all, they both originate form very different parts of the world. This might not help you when you want to buy and the pack doesn’t indicate where the strain is from but it will help you know which one you want.Read_more_from_website. Indica grows in the Indian subcontinent in countries such as India and Nepal. Sativa on the other hand comes from equatorial countries such as Mexico and the country famous for weed, Jamaica.
The appearance of both indica and sativa as plants is very different. While sativa grows tall and slender, indica is short even in maturity. The leaves of indica are broad while those of sativa are narrow. The indica plant grows very dense and looks compact because of both the leaves and the buds that grow in clusters. Sativa is the opposite, the leaves are scattered on the branches.
As much as the sativa plant looks bigger, the harvest is not as much as that of the indica plant. This is because of how dense the indica variety is. Harvesting time depends on the flowering time, indica varieties flower earlier than sativa and are therefore harvested earlier.
One other difference that can show the difference between the two strains is the effects each strain brings out in the body of consumers.Read_more_from_about. Sativa has been known to leave a consumer highly energetic and full of a new burst of energy while indica has been known to leave its consumers feeling relaxed and calm. The two strains leave a completely different aftermath upon consumption. How long the effects stay after that is then based on the body’s metabolism and cannot be quantified as easily. Basically, the end result is as different as day and night and this is one way to tell which strain one has used.Read_more_from_https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indica_Vs_Sativa.

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