How to Tell An Indica From A Sativa.

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Different people use cannabis for different purposes but for whatever reason you are using it, you need to know that there are two broad varieties of the cannabis plant. Indica and sativa are varieties of weed and can be identified by their distinct differences. If you are not looking out for the difference, you might not be able to tell one form the other because you might think they are all the same. People who have been using the herb for a while can tell the difference even from the smell. The following will help you tell the difference between indica and sativa.
 The first thing you should know is that they are not from the same geographical region. Indica comes from central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, that is, India, Pakistan and Nepal.Read_more_from_Quantum 9. Sativa is indigenous to Jamaica and other equatorial countries like Mexico and Thailand. This is not something you can know by looking at the plant, so you will have to know other differences to look out for.
The appearance of the indica variety is different from that of sativa. The leaves are different in that indica has broad leaves while sativa leaves are slimmer. The sativa plants when it grows to maturity is very tall and you can tell it form an indica plant using this very visible feature. Leaves are scattered on the branch making it look very loose and not dense.
Indica on the other hand is short and very dense. Its leaves are compact and the buds grow in clusters making it look very stocky.Read_more_from_now! Because of how dense it is, the harvest is more bountiful and when dry, it will weigh more than that of sativa. Indica flowers earlier than sativa meaning that the harvest comes earlier that the sativa variety.
One other difference that can help you differentiate indica from sativa is the effects they have on the consumers. Sativa has been found to have a high energy residue on the consumer while indica leaves a cool, calm and collected residue. The effects then stay as long as your body can handle based on the body’s metabolism. If you really want to tell the difference using this method though, you will have to wait till after consumption to tell what strain was consumed. Basically the reactions on the body are as different as black and white and thus quite easy to tell.Read_more_from_

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